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Now that you have decided to go ahead and make a website why not let the experts at World Wide Web Doctor help you make one that is SEO intelligent from the beginning?

Your website will be made in China, India or Somalia

Personally I think people in these countries deserve to make a decent living as well as the next guy. My problem with these companies are that you get a number of problems with your package that you may not be able to anticipate before hand. You already know how frustrating it can be to get customer support from one of these places when you find your self saying "what" over and over again. Imagine your difficulties with a customer support that is not hired and trained by a mega corporation? Imagine your website having dozens of grammatical errors that let everyone know it was made in India. There are probably some real good ones out there but chances are you will spend several frustrating days correcting errors involved in trying to save a few dollars.

You make your own website using modules

This is my favorite gripe. Module websites usually look good which is not that surprising because you don't have enough flexibility to mess things up much. You get to choose from color packages, design packages etc. And it is also true that when you talk with someone who has made a website where they select modules for the header, sidebar and so on, they are generally quite happy about the experience and like the way their site looks. The problem is that a site made with modules simply cannot rank in the search engines. In fact you will be lucky to find your site even if you type your domain name in the search bar. Throughout this site I've explained some of the reasons for this but in brief a module website has such complicated html code that the search engine robots have great difficulty deciphering just what the message is that you are trying to get across.

If the purpose of your website does not include the need to draw in people from search engines then check into one of these module website options. It is something you can make yourself and modify by yourself, and you have to try hard to make them look bad.


Create your website from a template that is hard to modify and limits your creativity.

Browsing templates is a great way to get an idea of what you want your website to look like. If you luck out and find one that looks exactly like what you want your website to look like then you and your website builder will have an easier time getting your site up and running.

  • templates
  • templates

This option allows you to create a website that is fairly optimize-able, though if your category is highly competitive then I can't recommend this option as the html code just won't be as clean and specific as if I make the site for you from scratch. Still this is light years better than a module website and with our expertise in S.E.O. your site will be in the competition.

Drawbacks: Yes of course there is a downside to templates as the title of this section suggests. You are quite restricted in how creative you can be. As long as you keep the colors the same and the sizes the same and the fonts the same, changing the content and pictures only, then things are easy and simple. Once you want to start changing things, even little things, then you, or your webperson, gets caught in a quagmire. In every case, as soon as I agreed to change some minor details in a template the amount of time it takes to make the website starts increasing dramatically. Simply put, this is because it is very difficult to understand another designers css code and definitions. It is very time consuming to decipher which code is ruling which element, find the definition in the css file and then change it.

A "free" module website with their advertising on it!

It looks too good to be true when you find someone willing to make your site for free! There are a few out there, though truthfully they are not offering all that much as it is still one of those module websites that require you to choose modules and fill in all the blanks with your content. Then they require that you run their advertisements on the pages of your website. If it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is. People work in order to make money, if you don't see how they are going to make money in the deal then you just haven't read far enough down the fine print yet.

The bottom line in Website Design

No matter who creates your website or how they go about it the bottom line that everyone will try to hide, is that it takes a great deal of work on your part.

  • YOU need to supply the content- either write it or communicate it to someone who does!
  • YOU need know and communicate how you want your future website to look - requires hours to browse websites taking notes about what you like and don't.
  • YOU need to supply your own photos - take them, find them or buy them.

To have a great website up online that communicates what you want it to is going to require considerably more work from you then it will from your website designer.

Getting and keeping your website at the top of the search engine results, however, will almost certainly take more work then you can imagine right now. A perfectly designed and constructed website will certainly do very well in a competition, however staying on top of a competitive field requires continual polishing and building of both your content AND the links to your website from outside sources.

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