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After you have understood your website objectives, analyzed your target market, restructured your website to be functional and fluid, then is the time to start promoting your site.

If your business is local you will be best served by promoting your website via offline sources and a few selected online sources.   Promotion is often summarized by terming it "link gathering".  Getting links to your site is a crucial aspect of website promotion but first you must assure that your site is worth linking to.  By following the steps above you will now have a site that works for your viewers and clearly communicates what your site is about to the search engines. 

If your site is an informative or entertaining site you will eventually gather links organically, as in other webmasters finding your site and adding a link from their site to yours.  To speed up the process a huge list of options are available including search engine and directory submissions, suggesting a link exchange with other relevant websites, paid links from other associated directories and such things as Google's adwords.

Such intelligent strategy will vastly improve your website performance.  Understand your audience and target them accurately.

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Good website promotion must cover all the bases. If you really intend to succeed you need to start out with the page code foundation being clean, straight and easily modifiable.

Here is an example of promoting an online library.  They were getting a tremendous amount of traffic on what was essentially an un-optimized website. This traffic was primarily do to the fact that they have thousands of pages of valuable content. There seems to have never been any thought as to how search engines opperate or what they need to properly rank a site.  Yet because of the great content, people still managed to stumble across the site which eventually resulted in many websites linking to this library simply because its content is so extensive and valuable.  Finally, 9 years later, this site was getting nearly 1000 visitors a day.  Content is still the King, but seniority is the Queen!

Amazingly, this site ranked quite poorly for all the search terms that I could think of.  It is popular due to offline advertising, word of mouth and many links to the site.  Getting links to your site is often considered "everything" as far as search engine ranking is concerned, yet here is a clear example that proves that even with content, links, seniority and popularity you may still rank poorly.  Content, links, seniority and popularity should be considered a "full house" bringing the website to the top of any search engine results, yet clearly it is still not enough.  The website MUST be designed in a search engine friendly manner.  It must speak to the search engine robots in the language they understand.  No matter how "GOOD" your website is, if the search engine robots don't understand it then they just CANNOT rank it.

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