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There are two types of links that you will want on your website. One is links to actual further reading that supports your claims and adds to what you are trying to communicate.

There are a number of great resources for understanding search engines and how they work.  Why SEO or search engine optimizing is or is not a good idea for your website.

For web language standards and tutorials go to

www.csszengarden.com/  for css help and understanding

Another good resource for CSS help is W3Schools.com.

For royalty free pics you can use on your website and elsewhere.

www.dummies.com/store/Computers-Internet.html from the great Dummies people a whole bunch of books that will teach you to do everything about computers and the internet.

And don't forget Google with more tools and advice and code and and stuff...


Forms on your website perform an invaluable service. They can make it easier for those you are reaching out to, to get in touch with you, to bring you business.

Frontpage and MS expression web have forms that work moderately well but they require front page extensions on your server, something not always available. Besides these Frontpage forms have quite a few limits.

Dreamweaver forms still require third party scripts. The best solution I have found is at FormToEmail.com Charles Sweeny has created some fine and simple to use code, to add forms to websites. He offers a free version which will probably meet the needs of most small websites, so give them a look over.

However if your site gets lots of business, you will probably find your needs better met with one of his paid for versions. At the time of this writing you could get a wild range of functions on a completely customizable form for $29. If you want to use his code on many websites it is only $49. Well worth it. If you use his product and don't like it you have to let me know, and I bet I never hear a single complaint.

The other type of links are exchange links, or Reciprocal linking.

These links you trade with other websites of a similar nature as your own website. Please see this page for more on reciprocal linking and to exchange links with this website. It really won't help your ranking if you exchange with "directories", "link farms" or even with websites that have no basic similarity with your website.

This website "Self Growth" is an excellent resource for web owners. Make sure that your site is represented in their pages. Part of the exchange is to have a link such as I have below that links back to them. This is a fair example of link exchanging working for you as they have sections of informative articles that really are worth linking to. To have a link from a section on their site that about what you are about will be valuable for you.

www.SelfGrowth.com-" SelfGrowth.com is an internet guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help. An organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web. Add your website to their directory."

This following link will not help me. Even with a link exchange in place it will not have much effect as "World Wide Web Doctor" is not a medical website and I don't want to rank high for any medical terms. Similarly since I promote this site it may seem like a good idea to link to them to help promote them, but it really won't help them much either for the same reason.
"The Doctors' Medical Library - a search-able medical and health information resource with over 5000 web pages."

Here is an good example of a valuable link exchange. This site "Weblister" is great website design and SEO company in the U.K. So a link to it is very appropriate while a link back will be helpful to me as well. And as they are in the U.K. they will probably never be in direct competition with me, despite my World Wide aspirations:
"Weblister - For all your web design needs!"

Another type of link to add to your site is a link to a business in your area that is of a similar nature but not exactly competition. Here is an example. I live in the Reno NV area and a friend of mine does computer repair in Carson City, which is about a half-hour away. our businesses are associated with northern Nevada and computers so it helps to clarify to the S.E.s that our businesses are about both of those topics.

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