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Analyze your Market and Competition

It is not enough just to have a beautiful website. You also need to analyze and know your target viewers. 

Keyword Discovery

What are people searching for and how many are searching for what?  What words do your target customers type into the search bar when they are looking for your product or service?  These are "keywords" and which of the most heavily searched for keywords best describe your product is the discovery we need to make before going much further into optimization.

After we make these discoveries and finalize a list of most important keywords, important keywords and not so important keywords we can highlight and focus on these words in your website.  We will search for more places to put them, and magnify the significance of those words where we can.  This, then is part of the restructuring process.

What is your competition doing?

You will also want to understand your competition.  How much competition is there?  Heavy competition for your single "best" keyword may or may not be worth competing for. Getting on top for a half dozen secondary keywords may bring you more customers then being on top for the best word only.

Analysis of your competition, what it is doing and how they are doing it is often left for the final optimization process; Yet the results of a competitors analysis are most easily implemented in the next restructuring process.

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