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Are you still uncertain if optimizing your website
 for internet search engine placement is a good investment?

We guarantee: our services will put your website
on page one of Google's search results
within 6 weeks or your money back!

We make this claim because if you now have a website that is performing poorly we can fix it.  An optimized website brings more traffic and increased sales.  A phenomenal increase!  If you depend on your website to bring you customers, optimizing your website will pay for itself soon and repeatedly. click here to get started.

SEO or search engine optimizing, is not actually magic.  Although when you witness the results it will seem as if it is.  Big search engines like Google, go to great lengths to help us work with them.  Their goal is to have searchers find what they are looking for on the first page.  Amazingly we usually do.  If your website is what people are looking for then google wants your site at the top. Our job is to help your site become the site that should be at the top and then get google to reflect that.

This is not trickery, this is what google wants. They offer volumes of advice and provide tools that we can use so that all of us together, can get the site we are searching for at the top of the results page.  Ultimately tricks and gimmicks won't help much.  If people don't want your product does it help you if they come to your site?

Our intention is not to deceive or muddy any water, we want your site to accurately reflect your service. We strive to clearly communicate what you offer, and what you do, to the search engines.  By following these guidelines Google will help more customers, who will actually buy your product, find your website more easily and more often. In other words, a dramatic increase in actual sales!


Do you really need SEO?

Do you want most of your customers to find you online? 

Are customers looking for your site but not finding it?

Are customer's looking for your service but finding someone else?

Does your site get lots of visitors but few follow through to the actual sale?

Optimizing your website is the only real solution to these problems. click here now to get started!

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Everyone wants better results from the search engines.  Search engines want better results for everyone.  Ultimately its not magic, its just how the internet works.

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Optimization has two parts: Optimizing for your customer and optimizing for search engines.

First we need to optimize your site so that it functions well for the customers use.  Ideally it will capture anyone who gets there and funnel them to your "action page". (shopping cart or reservation page).

With this in mind look over your site, does it work well? Can you get around easily?  Can you go directly to your action page and your home page from every page in your site?  If the main "action" is to call you, look to see if the phone number is on every page.

This seemingly obvious website quality is overlooked a surprising amount of the time.  And may well be more important then any other seo work.  If your customer's can't find your phone number, get lost on your site, or can't figure out your shopping cart then does it matter how many people find our website?

If you have a problem here then lets get it fixed now.

As well as optimizing your website for function and customer serviceability you will also need our help if:

  • you expect your customers to find you online;

  • or if you expect your product or service to be marketed nationally or internationally;

  • or if your market is competitive and, particularly,

  • if you have reason to suspect that would-be customers are not finding you when searching for your product/service on the internet. 

If people are specifically looking for your website but can't find it, this could be devastating to your business, even in a small local market.

Optimizing your website is the only real solution.
click here now to get started!

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