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Website design is the first, most obvious thing you notice about any website.  Clearly an attractive website, that communicates who you are, is fundamental to your success.  Web design, colors, font and logo choices should be carefully and professionally considered yet because of the obviousness of web design many website owners fail to recognize the value of the other elements of website function. 

Functions such as site navigation, legibility and design layout are also noticeable elements that you probably already pay attention to; but a website's PRIMARY purpose is to communicate information on the "internet".  The internet is designed for this, a great deal of the worlds technological expertise has gone into creating and modifying the "internet" so that it can function in the phenomenal way that it does.  Creating and or modifying a website so that it is fully functional on this level is much too often neglected.  Truthfully, the efforts involved here can exceed what it took to create the beautiful website that you already thought was finished.  So who wants to "waste" so many resources for an effect that is hard to see? Those people who own a beautiful, smoothly functioning website that only attracts viewers from links that are continually being paid for; while their site continues to miss those potential customers trying to find their services with a search engine.

Many are the beautiful websites adorning the internet that just don't succeed because of poorly written html code,  pages bulky with overloaded, unnecessary html and/or broken code.  Many of these visually perfect websites don't succeed because of poor page design and site layout that leaves visitors struggling to get around your site.  Not having correct and adequate search engine reference tools like a sitemap, not properly registering with the search engines and monitoring their responses, not insuring that your content is focused on your "keywords" and having those words reflected in the metatags; these will reliably lead to the experience of wondering why no one visits your website.  It is because search engine robots don't understand what your pages are about and consequently searchers can't find it.

We will study your website and offer suggestions on how to rearrange things so they work better for everyone.  We can devise ways to streamline your html so your message doesn't get buried beneath the mark up code and create a functional navigation structure so no one gets lost.  We can install the proper files and reference tools to clearly communicate with search engines what you offer your readers.   We can work with you to modify your content to best draw the attention of people who you want most to visit your site.


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It is a tedious meticulous job to optimize, market or promote a website if the page code (the html) is difficult or impossible to modify.

Quick and easy website development programs.

One increasingly popular solution to getting your website designed, created, promoted can be found online by searching "Quick and easy website development".  When I looked there were over 4 million ways to seriously hinder your ability to excel in search engine ranking.  Conceivably there are a few good ones in the lot but generally they can be relied on to create nice looking, well functioning websites that have so much code in the html that few, if any, hard working search engine robots will every get all the way down the page to where the content actually starts.  In other words you could quickly and easily create a beautiful, well functioning website that will never, ever rank in the search engines, even if a million people love it.

One such website had a function of being able to search, by zip code, a database of specialists.  The website owner wanted this database to advertise specialists in the customer's area and he wanted the specialists to pay for this advertisement.  So we were hired to promote this aspect of the site and to modify the website so it would attract specialists wanting to advertise their businesses.  After studying the site html it seemed a straight forward process to create a few new pages and make a single global modification.  Until I discovered that the website was created with "easy website developement software".

Enter the "EASY" website development tool!

As an SEO specialist I can't possibly say enough bad things about these "EASY" website development tools!  These are "easy" because they work from a semi-modifiable template.  Aside from not being able to modify a great many important website aspects, my biggest gripe is all the code involved in these templates.  I've yet to see one that ever mentioned a word of content before line 100 of the html code.  Search engine robots show a definite tendency to get tired/ bored.  They tend to ignore your content if it is too far down the page.  They tend to ignore the page if it is too far down in the directory tree.  IE: It is a real big challenge to succeed if you build your website with one of these "easy" self-website creators. 

Best word of advice:  Pay to get your website built by someone who can make it using top of the line web designer software like Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Frontpage or a few others that allow you (and me) to easily modify the html.  Trying to save money at this foundational level of website development will only waste your money in the long run.  Avoid the temptation, you'll make your money back faster if you start with a modifiable foundation. In order for this example website to win the ranking race it will have to be completely rebuilt.  Website restructuring sometimes needs to be this extensive.

Bottom line: It is a tedious meticulous job to optimize, market or promote a website if the page code (the html) is difficult or impossible to modify.

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