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atomic email address finderWebsite design and promotion requires the use of various tools. Keyword analysis tools, website editors, photo editors, link checkers and finders as well as email address finders. Atomic Email Hunter by Mass Mail Software is one tool I found recently. It comes with a "free" version, which doesn't help much honestly, because you cannot save or copy the results. However it does let you see how well this product works for sure. I did a search for "Maui Bed and Breakfast" and got back over one thousand results. Nice! This editor is quite easy to use, yet has a good variety of options and adjustable parameters.

Here I did a scrape of a single domain which did not return many addresses, however each of these addresses is precious to me. I like being able target specific domains or pages, this makes my email list a better and easier match for my needs.

atomic website promotion toolsFor reaching out to people who you know want to hear from you finding good and accurate email addresses is essential. I am happy to discover that email address scrapping tools exist and this one from Atomic certainly offers promise for getting this, otherwise tedious task, done.

I also searched the Mass Mail Software website for other possibly useful tools. They have an email address verifier - to validate the addresses on the list before sending out email , an email list manager, an email creation studio, an email sending program, a program for scrapping email addresses from websites and more tools for handling email than you can probably imagine... certainly more than I could imagine. They even offer a tools to scrape addresses and links from newsgroups! I hope my business grows enough soon to justify having and purchasing all of these nifty things. I know I will certainly experience a significant boost from the address which I obtained from using the Atomic Email Hunter by Mass Mail Software.

Besides being able to target the whole net for a specific keyword, even to choosing which search engine to use, you can also focus the search on Linked In, Craigslist, or Yelp. If you are working in a B2B business this is a total cool function. I need this to separate businesses from persons, I would rather only send email to the business address which I can do with these tools from Mass Mail Software.

If you look at this screen shot below you will see at the top the tabs to narrow the focus to a specific focus. On the right is the log of addresses found, domains searched etc. Then at the bottom are link buttons to save results to clipboard and other saving options. I particularly like being able to save as an excel file so I can integrate the results into my database easier.
tool for finding addresses on Linked-In

It may be of interest to you that Mass Mail Software sells these tools to website builders and businesses alike. For start ups, who may have much more time than money (like myself), they have a variety of discounts available. I chose an option which procures the software at no cost, about the only option I can afford, and set about meeting the requirements. I suspect that once I get going and my current project website (The Maui B&B Guide) starts to actually generate income, that I will feel happy to pay the list price of $80 (before any discounts). I should say that even now I would feel like I was getting a good deal, especially with the 15% discount that they offer right up front... almost. It is just that right now, before I get any dividend from my efforts, even $68 is painful.

Beware, though, friends before choosing this option yourself, that I am finding it rather taxing to write 700 words (their minimum requirement) about a product which I have not really had an opportunity to give a full run through. The free edition is just a little too limited to really know what will happen, for sure, when I finally un-lock it to try out the full version.

For all of you website techs, amateur or not, there is nearly always a free way to get your task done. Quite often this can be a reasonable work-around but if you have a job that pays you by the hour, then it is worth careful consideration to pay someone for saving your time... there is only so much of it after all. I am talking to myself here, but valuing your time so low that you always take the free road, is probably not the best road to wealth (or even being not in debt). On the other hand I learn so much doing things the hard way... not that I would recommend it as a habit.

My conclusion is that this product will almost certainly produce the results I need and in the format I desire. I hope I enjoy the full version as much as I anticipate I will right now. I would be happy to know what you think of this tool too if you decide to follow my lead here and use the tool from Atomic. Let me know.


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